PDF in Variable Data Printing

In the concept of omni channel marketing, print is one channel amongst others in customer communication. Individualized print requires not only high speed printing machines – it also means that PDFs have to be processed (ripped) as quickly as these machines can print. And for that process the “inner qualities” of PDF files play an … Read more

The Ghent Workgroup 2022 specifications

The specifications of the Ghent Workgroup – built on top of the ISO PDF/X standards – are followed across the world and are built into a lot of major graphics arts applications. The Ghent Workgroup last released a major specification in 2015, which at that point included a shift from PDF/X-1a to PDF/X-4. Earlier this … Read more

OpenType color fonts in PDF

We are used to setting text in color, but for decades operating systems and font formats supported only monochrome fonts where the font specifies only the shape of a glyph, but not its color. While you can apply color when using the font, individual glyphs didn’t contain their own colors. The rising popularity of emoji … Read more

Two Standards. One Goal. Modernizing Print Communication Production

The term Automated Document Factory (ADF) might sound familiar, especially if you have worked in or around print over the last three decades. For the printing industry, an Automated Document Factory (ADF) was the mainstay of the 1990s to solve print processing challenges. As the sophistication of both print devices and software has increased, an … Read more

STOP PRESS! Or how to avoid it!

What would your print customer say if you rejected any PDF files that were poorly constructed and likely to slow down the press? With such a large number of PDF creation tools and PDF files entering a workflow from disparate sources they are bound to vary in quality. This talk discusses how PDFs can be … Read more

Optimising PDF for Print, Digital and Accessible channels

In today’s digital world, PDF has become the most widely used format for customer communications management (CCM). Many organisations are struggling to achieve successful workflow management, production processing, streamlining access, and online delivery whilst ensuring document accessibility. If you are experiencing difficulties related to anything within PDF workflows, you should not miss this presentation. Tim … Read more

PDF/A-4, PDF/X-6 and the other new PDF standards

PDF/A-4 introduces various changes in features and structure of conformance levels. Also new are PDF/X-6, PDF/VT-3 and PDF/R. In addition ISO used the opportunity to harmonize all these standards so that it will be more straightforward for a PDF to comply with more than just one standard.