PDF is THE Standard. Explore Why PDF 2.0 Paves the Way for the Future and Must Be Adopted

PDF is THE standard for print production and digitally delivered documents. Controversial? Perhaps, but the fact remains that PDF continues to see more adoption every year. It has cracked open transaction print while becoming the lingua franca of direct mail, book printing, and publishing. This fact along with the work of the PDF standards committees means that it also continues to evolve. 

Whether you are a PDF user, a developer that leverages PDF, or a creative that provides PDF, it is important that we all support and implement the latest features. PDF has risen above the legacy file formats that have come before it by being viewable, flexible, performant and secure. The latest PDF 2.0 standard expands some important areas of PDF in the areas of security, tagging, digital signatures,  printing and graphic arts, DPM and associated files, and more. 

In this presentation, we will create a link between the latest features and how they will benefit a multitude of industries and businesses. For many, the ability to leverage new features within PDF will become a competitive advantage that propels their business to higher levels of success. These considerations should inspire and drive a renewed charge to make sure suppliers are able to handle the latest PDF 2.0 standard while educating users why they should be asking for it too.

PRESENTER NOTE: Jonathan or Mary Ann plan to present this educational presentation with a guest PDF expert. We also are looking forward to putting together a more vendor/solution-focused presentation for the solutions day!