PDF Optimization Proves to Drive Significant Improvement in Operational Efficiencies and Costs

PDF is used today in many different types of print and digital businesses. How well that PDF is structured is proving to make a significant impact in day-to-day processes, which in turn impacts operational efficiencies and costs.

During this session, we will present real-world customer experiences in PDF optimization and cleaning efforts. Attendees should expect to learn about the benefits of optimized and streamline PDFs for print, archive and electronic presentment/digital delivery while considering the rising issues of data protection and security around the PDFs they handle. This is a session you can’t afford to miss, especially in today’s economic times.

Speakers for this session include:

Mary Ann Rowan
Chief Experience Officer
Solimar Systems, Inc

Jonathan Malone-McGrew
Senior Director, Engagement
Solimar Systems, Inc

Pat McGrew
Managing Director
McGrewGroup, Inc.