Two Standards. One Goal. Modernizing Print Communication Production

The term Automated Document Factory (ADF) might sound familiar, especially if you have worked in or around print over the last three decades. For the printing industry, an Automated Document Factory (ADF) was the mainstay of the 1990s to solve print processing challenges. As the sophistication of both print devices and software has increased, an Automated Document Factory (ADF) now provides the capabilities and benefits to repurpose all types of communications and documents for delivery in virtually any channel.

PDF alone doesn’t fulfill the promise. You must automate your print workflow to enjoy uninterrupted print management and on-time delivery of work to your customers. You need the combination of the PDF file format paired to the JDF and JMF specifications. Two standards coming together to make printing more efficient, automated and trackable.

In this session, discover how the latest PDF features complement the implementation of JDF/JMF for print communication production. Additionally, we will share how the combination influences how providers may automate their workflows and more quickly manage the variability in the print and digital communications space that has grown throughout 2020 and 2021. The ROI can be significant as we will show it through feedback and data from actual print producers.