ABBYY FineReader PDF: solving document challenges across organization through individual efficiency

ABBYY FineReader PDF: solving document challenges across the organization through individual efficiency Document-related needs vary across industries, jobs, and even individual organizations and employees. Although mostly done digital, today’s document workflows are still heavily mixed, causing various challenges for information workers. Individual document fluency is a key for improving overall organization-wide workforce effectiveness FineReader PDF … Read more

SAP and Digital Signature

The aerospace industry has strict requirements for the submission of digital documents. For example, the qualified electronic signature is mandatory for construction documents of aircraft components. The digital signature should make the sender clearly identifiable and ensure that the document has not been changed since its signature. We show a way how PDF documents generated … Read more

3 ways to climb the PDF accessibility mountain

How do you get the fastest from the source document to the accessible PDF? We present 3 ways that help you to find the best PDF accessibility strategy for your organisation. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways as well as using the decision matrix to build up your PDF accessibility … Read more

Harnessing the Power of Open Standards in Manufacturing

Leading global manufacturers are realizing substantial performance benefits by embracing open data standards as the foundation of their Model Based Enterprise and Digital Transformation strategies.  This empowers more effective and secure data exchange and collaboration throughout engineering, manufacturing, supply-chain and field-service operations. Anark has deployed effective Model Based Enterprise (MBE) enabled Digital Thread solutions for … Read more

Capturing the richness of page description languages

How can you carry over the attributes expressed in a non-PDF format into a PDF so that their original intent is not lost especially when that detail may be required at another stage in the workflow? This talk looks at how the detail of a document can be retained in the most terse and efficient … Read more

Evaluating Text Extraction at Scale

Apache Tika is widely used as a critical enabling technology for search in Apache Solr and other search systems. This open source library performs text and metadata extraction from numerous file formats, including PDF via an integration with Apache PDFBox. As we all know, when something goes wrong with text extraction, the reliability of search … Read more

Qualifizierte digitale Signatur integriert in SAP Geschäftsprozesse

Über die Zulassung und Freigabe luftfahrttechnischer Systeme und Komponenten verlangt das Luftfahrtbundesamt (LBA) von den Herstellungs- und/oder Instandhaltungsbetrieben der Aviation Industrie entsprechende Nachweise. Bei Diehl Aviation werden in einem vollständig medienbruchfreien Freigabeprozess, unter Verwendung der QES, formularbasierte Zertifikatsdokumente generiert und digital unterschrieben. Hierbei stellt die digitale Signatur sicher, dass der Unterzeichner bzw. Absender eindeutig identifiziert … Read more

To Struggle and to Succeed

In February 2017, Peter Shikli launched Access2online to provide accessibility auditing of websites because he knew how to design websites. What little he knew about accessibility was almost completely wrong. Making this particularly challenging is the fact that he launched Access2online inside Oregon’s state prison for women where unmonitored internet access is forbidden by law. … Read more

Generating well-tagged PDF documents

The talk is devoted to typical problems and possible solutions of generating PDF/UA compliant (or at least well-tagged) PDF documents from authoring applications such as rich layout WYSIWYG text editors, web browsers, and others. We touch on some ambiguous PDF/UA requirements and technical challenges one faces when converting declarative html-like documents to Tagged PDF. This … Read more

Case Study: Creating Training Materials for Accessibility Specialists

Take an in-depth look at what one company has learned through the years about what we’ve done well, what we’ve done poorly, and where we are now with creating training materials for our analysts. Holding a unique position as both an accessibility vendor and a training program, we’ve been faced with creating a training process … Read more