Harnessing the Power of Open Standards in Manufacturing

Leading global manufacturers are realizing substantial performance benefits by embracing open data standards as the foundation of their Model Based Enterprise and Digital Transformation strategies.  This empowers more effective and secure data exchange and collaboration throughout engineering, manufacturing, supply-chain and field-service operations.

Anark has deployed effective Model Based Enterprise (MBE) enabled Digital Thread solutions for well over a decade, and this session will showcase how innovative manufacturing organizations such as Boeing, Cisco, GE, Ericsson, and the US DoD are overcoming common obstacles to effective digitalization such as interoperability limitations, rigid legacy systems, closed-proprietary solutions, disconnected & ad-hoc collaboration practices, alignment and cultural challenges, and the need to digitalize a broad array of technical data types and formats, including high-fidelity MBD.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand key concepts and processes such as Industry 4.0, Intelligent Information Management, Digital Thread, and Model-Based Enterprise (MBE), and their critical role in helping manufacturers improve efficiency, IP security and quality, while accelerating new product introduction (NPI) timelines.
  2. The power and utility of open standards and interfaces such as 3DPDF, WebGL, STEP, JT, PRC, glTF, IPC-2581, MIL-STD 31000B, and more.
  3. Demonstrate how both document and web based fit-for-purpose Technical Data Packages (TDPs), with support for a broad array of technical data types such as 3D MCAD (with MBD), 3D ECAD, 2D drawings, BOMs, text, images and more, can enable more effective data exchange and collaboration throughout the extended enterprise.