To Struggle and to Succeed

In February 2017, Peter Shikli launched Access2online to provide accessibility auditing of websites because he knew how to design websites. What little he knew about accessibility was almost completely wrong.

Making this particularly challenging is the fact that he launched Access2online inside Oregon’s state prison for women where unmonitored internet access is forbidden by law.

Three years later, having made every mistake possible, Access2online has become a world-class, two-million-dollar accessibility services organization with inmate analysts who are Trusted Testers certified by the Office of Accessible Systems and Technology, and Website Accessibility Specialists certified by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals; However, specializing foremost in PDF remediation.

This is an unvarnished story about the inner drive and unstoppable work ethic of inmates overcoming the naivety of their boss in order to earn a seat at our nation’s digital table.