ABBYY FineReader PDF for Mac

A high-quality, modern OCR application for macOS to convert PDFs, paper documents, or their images and incorporate them effortlessly into digital workflows. Wide set of advanced document conversion tools Superior quality of ABBYY OCR technology Support for the latest macOS® features Built-in PDF viewer Learn more on

DocBridge® Gear

DocBridge® Gear is a platform with which all processes of document creation, conversion, modification and output can be easily configured customer-specifically – independent of a specific (given) page format and based on raw data. Typical quality assurance processes (document check/comparison, validation, release workflows, etc.) can also be modeled. The basic principle of DocBridge® Gear is … Read more

DocBridge® Mill Toolkit

Compart develops software products for the processing of data streams in output and document management. One of the key functions provided by Compart products is to convert data from various input formats into a variety of different output formats and to process this data. DocBridge® Mill Toolkit adds the possibility for the flexible creation of … Read more

DocBridge® Impress

Digital First Document Creation: All Print, Web and Mobile Devices from a Single Source with Minimal Formatting DocBridge® Impress is a scalable, cross-platform and cloud-ready software for page and device-independent document design that is easy to use even by users without profound IT expertise. Documents created with DocBridge® Impress are omnichannel-enabled and accessible according to … Read more

DocBridge® FileCab

Mitarbeiter müssen zuhause Dokumente qualitätsgerecht erstellen, prüfen und anschließend an das Rechenzentrum des Unternehmens übergeben? Die hundertprozentige Regelkonformität (Compliance) soll dabei gewährleistet sein und gleichzeitig die Produktivität erhöht werden? Mit DocBridge® FileCab bietet Compart eine leistungsfähige Homeoffice-Software für das Sammeln, Prüfen, Freigeben und zentrale Versenden von Dokumenten, die am heimischen Arbeitsplatz erstellt wurden. Das Softwarepaket steht als kostenlose … Read more


We are proud to introduce a new iText 7 add-on, iText pdfOCR, which provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality to convert printed text in scanned documents and images into a fully searchable PDF/A-3u compliant format (PDF version 1.7) and make accessing those texts easier and faster. The iText pdfOCR add-on is built on the Tesseract 4 OCR engine technology, and … Read more

iText DITO

We are proud to announce the release of iText DITO, the latest addition to the iText range of products. iText DITO is (as we said above) a powerful template engine that converts data into iText-quality PDFs, but what does that really mean, and why did we develop it? Whilst there are other templating solutions available, we’d like to … Read more


Leverage your applications with our imaging SDK for WinForms, WPF, and Web development The all-in-one GdPicture.NET document imaging SDK includes • A full PDF management toolkit • A performant OCR engine • Support for all major barcoding standards (1D and 2D) • Support for 100+ raster and vector formats including DICOM • Multipage TIFF support … Read more

DocuVieware HTML5 Viewer and Document Management Kit

DocuVieware Features and Functionalities View, navigate, annotate, search and manage any document, on any device, on any browser through a fully customizable and innovative HTML5 Control. Create powerful web applications to manage each step of a document’s life cycle. Document manipulation is fluid and smooth on large files: navigating through a map or a document … Read more

iText 7 Suite

iText premier platform includes iText 7 Core and optional add-ons that allow you to choose the right combination to fit your document needs. We re-built the popular iText 5 engine with a modular code structure, allowing for future improvements and growth as well as simple coding. Try iText 7 Free for 30 days: