DocBridge® Impress


Digital First Document Creation: All Print, Web and Mobile Devices from a Single Source with Minimal Formatting DocBridge® Impress is a scalable, cross-platform and cloud-ready software for page and device-independent document design that is easy to use even by users without profound IT expertise. Documents created with DocBridge® Impress are omnichannel-enabled and accessible according to PDF / UA and WCAG. With DocBridge® Impress, users have quick access to all modern digital communication channels. DocBridge® Impress is built on established design concepts that employees know, trust, and use every day. The generated documents can be distributed as hardcopy or by email, can be displayed on a Web browser, smartphone and tablet, or integrated into existing portals – with no additional effort. Documents can be created and sent through all relevant channels and displayed seamlessly on different media: as printed pages, as a PDF in the e-mail attachment, as a responsive HTML page in the web browser and on the smartphone / tablet, via messenger services etc Every new application needs to be created only once and is available to all media almost effortlessly. More about DocBridge® Impress:


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