Leverage your applications with our imaging SDK for WinForms, WPF, and Web development

The all-in-one GdPicture.NET document imaging SDK includes

• A full PDF management toolkit
• A performant OCR engine
• Support for all major barcoding standards (1D and 2D)
• Support for 100+ raster and vector formats including DICOM
• Multipage TIFF support
• JBIG2 encoder
• OMR forms processing and template recognition
• MICR to decode “CMC7” and “E-13B” characters
• Automatic Color detection and MRC
• Automatic document recognition
• Thumbnail Control
• Web controls

GdPicture Advantages and Benefits

The most comprehensive SDK on the market
GdPicture.NET is an all-in-one toolkit: no need to buy several products anymore, GdPicture.NET Imaging SDK does it all.
We develop our own features and GdPicture.NET now includes thousands of functionalities. Our imaging SDK provides the best technologies and it has become essential to build any kind of application for thousands of developers worldwide.

Innovative technologies
We are up-to-date with market trends and we are constantly satisfying market demands.
We cover all the technology required to develop any kind of application. GdPicture.NET is delivered as .NET WinForms, ActiveX, WPF, and ASP.NET components.

Performant technical support
We react quickly to issues, requests, and suggestions with releases up to twice a week.
We have a growing community of 12 000 developers that gives constant feedback on our SDK.
We provide long-term support with our Annual Maintenance Contract.

A customized and flexible licensing model
We offer a modular approach with 5 different core editions (Ultimate SDK, Document Imaging SDK, Image SDK, TWAIN SDK, and Document Viewer SDK) and 12 plugins (PDF, OCR, Annotations, OMR, JBIG2, DICOM, MICR, 1D Barcode, Qr-Code, PDF417, Datamatrix and Color Detection).
You choose and buy only what you need.

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