DocBridge® Gear


DocBridge® Gear is a platform with which all processes of document creation, conversion, modification and output can be easily configured customer-specifically – independent of a specific (given) page format and based on raw data. Typical quality assurance processes (document check/comparison, validation, release workflows, etc.) can also be modeled. The basic principle of DocBridge® Gear is the use of reusable worklets that stand for specific functionalities and sub-processes. These worklets can be very granular (small, manageable processes) or very large (multiple nested processes/consideration of various complex criteria). Nevertheless, changes in the worklets can easily be taken into account without the need for time-consuming reprogramming. DocBridge® Gear is primarily aimed at companies that deal with Omnichannel communication and are looking for a solution for seamless integration of various business applications, applications that have sometimes been silo’d and thus ineffective. Key benefits:

  • Support for batch and transaction processing
  • Integration of any number of specialist applications
  • Connection of digital and analog communication channels

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