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pdfaPilot Server allows for setting up as many watched folders as needed by your workflow; all files dropped in such a watched folder are picked up and processed in a fully unattended way according to your specifications. Each watched folder can be configured independently and can convert office documents, emails and their attachments, fix common problems in PDF documents or perform guaranteed PDF/A generation. Depending on the result of processing callas pdfaPilot drops processed files into specific output folders so that the rest of the workflow can be automated as well. If necessary, customized reports can be created to communicate problem files internally or return information directly to clients. Because the reporting is done using easy-to-customize templates, you can even adapt reports to use your own organizational layouts. And of course reporting templates can be customized to show only the level of complexity that is really needed.

Guaranteed PDF/A conversion

In many automated workflows it is crucial that the maximum percentage of documents can be converted to PDF/A unattended; even if the incoming files contain problems or potential problems. To satisfy this demand pdfaPilot Server can be configured with guaranteed PDF/A conversion that uses a number of fallback strategies if problems in incoming files are detected.


The regular license of pdfaPilot Server is already capable of processing 8 files in parallel; if that is not enough there is an unlimited license that is only limited by the strength of the hardware (or virtual server) it is running on. When you need more power than can be provided by a single computer or when you want to build critical workflows where failover is important, pdfaPilot Server is ready for that as well. Your pdfaPilot Server license can be upgraded to a pdfaPilot Dispatcher license, preserving all watched folder configuration in the process. Once that is done, pdfaPilot Satellites on different computers can begin to cooperate with your dispatcher. This provides easy load balancing and failover across multiple computers.

Always in control

Regardless of whether a single pdfaPilot Server is used or whether pdfaPilot Dispatcher shares the load across different systems, setting up and monitoring processing remains easy. pdfaPilot simplifies this by allowing remote configuration and remote monitoring across the network. All pdfaPilot Server management tools have been built into pdfaPilot Desktop. From the desktop application it is possible to start a local server or connect to one or more remote servers. This enables you to test locally and then configure a remote server one you are satisfied everything works as it should.


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