Smart Legal Contracts and PDF

Smarter contracts and blockchain technologies are already transforming business processes across commercial, legal and financial sectors and yet “We still approach contracts in much the same way as we have done for centuries. Decades old software such as PDF and Microsoft Word is used to create and store agreements in a digital format, but they … Read more

How document understanding can leverage your PDF workflow

Document understanding is a constantly addressed topic and has become on top of the scene these last years with Deep Learning and NLP evolution. The PDF format is by nature unstructured, which implies sophisticated processes to extract and qualify information from such documents. In this presentation, we will discuss four ways to address challenges brought … Read more

Making sense of PDF structures in the wild at scale

PDFs in the wild offer a bewildering amount of variation in syntax, features and structure.  For those building parsers or evaluating parsers, it is critical to have a broad coverage corpus available to assess and discover distributions of issues “in the wild” or on specific client document sets.  In this talk, our team will present … Read more

Future of Traversing PDF Files

As we all know, PDF files are a structural marvel. There are many ways of constructing a file while still maintaining the same visual result. This is a blessing, but also a curse. This variety has to be accounted for if you want to traverse PDF files consistently and without inconveniencing your end users with … Read more

The Low Code Revolution and PDF

Ever-increasing demand for productivity and faster time to delivery is increasing awareness and adoption of Low-Code application development by IT teams and “Citizen IT”. This trend is disrupting traditional patterns of software development and is shifting development towards cloud-based low-code platforms. This session will aim to answer the question “What does Low Code mean for … Read more

Two Standards. One Goal. Modernizing Print Communication Production

The term Automated Document Factory (ADF) might sound familiar, especially if you have worked in or around print over the last three decades. For the printing industry, an Automated Document Factory (ADF) was the mainstay of the 1990s to solve print processing challenges. As the sophistication of both print devices and software has increased, an … Read more

Create PDFs using HTML

Generating documents can be challenging. There are many tools, different platforms and markup languages. Especially these markup languages like XSL:FO or similar, do have a steep learning curve and there are not that many people comfortable with those. But there is one markup language, that is widely known and well established: HTML. Although primarily intended … Read more

ABBYY FineReader PDF: solving document challenges across organization through individual efficiency

ABBYY FineReader PDF: solving document challenges across the organization through individual efficiency Document-related needs vary across industries, jobs, and even individual organizations and employees. Although mostly done digital, today’s document workflows are still heavily mixed, causing various challenges for information workers. Individual document fluency is a key for improving overall organization-wide workforce effectiveness FineReader PDF … Read more