All about the PDF Association

How do organizations and individuals using PDF technology benefit from membership in the PDF Association? Subjects covered include: Why the PDF ecosystem matters Technical benefits, including access to ISO draft documents and developer communities Marketing benefits, including articles, products and other content on With staff in Europe, the US and Australia the PDF Association … Read more

ABBYY FineReader PDF: solving document challenges across organization through individual efficiency

ABBYY FineReader PDF: solving document challenges across the organization through individual efficiency Document-related needs vary across industries, jobs, and even individual organizations and employees. Although mostly done digital, today’s document workflows are still heavily mixed, causing various challenges for information workers. Individual document fluency is a key for improving overall organization-wide workforce effectiveness FineReader PDF … Read more

SAP and Digital Signature

The aerospace industry has strict requirements for the submission of digital documents. For example, the qualified electronic signature is mandatory for construction documents of aircraft components. The digital signature should make the sender clearly identifiable and ensure that the document has not been changed since its signature. We show a way how PDF documents generated … Read more

The ISO standards process

Come and learn how an idea becomes a standard!  We’ll look at some recent work driven by the PDF Association to advance the state of the art in PDF technology and the process it undergoes to become an ISO standard.  

Open source implementation of PDF/UA validation

We demonstrate the extension of veraPDF framework for validating syntax of PDF/UA-1 and Tagged PDF including formal list of checks, test corpus development and visualization of the reports. Additionally, we discuss ambiguous requirements of both PDF/UA-1 and Matterhorn protocol and their suggested resolutions. Finally, we touch broader challenges such as implementation of Human checks and … Read more

Why is making a PDF/UA document accessible so hard?

A common complaint about making documents accessible is too hard for most. This session will explore many of the common challenges faced by people learning how to make PDF/UA compliant documents. This presentation promotes the use of PDFs and explains best practices that have developed in the industry to significantly reduce the cost, complexity, and … Read more

3 ways to climb the PDF accessibility mountain

How do you get the fastest from the source document to the accessible PDF? We present 3 ways that help you to find the best PDF accessibility strategy for your organisation. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways as well as using the decision matrix to build up your PDF accessibility … Read more