Industry to ratify first set of proposed resolutions to PDF 2.0 specification issues

Excerpt: The recently-announced pdf-issues GitHub repo already has 25 issues, with 12 proposed resolutions for review in the next PDF TWG meeting.

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February 2, 2021
by Peter Wyatt

With the publication of the dated revision of PDF 2.0 as ISO 32000-2:2020 in December 2020, the PDF Association also announced a new public process to assist industry and address issues with the standard. Now, just two months after publication of the latest specification, more than 25 issues have been raised in the GitHub pdf-issues repository as developers from around the globe actively read and apply the standard.

In mid February, the PDF Association’s PDF Technical Working Group (TWG) will meet virtually to finalize the 12 issues that are currently labelled as having a “proposed solution”. Once finalized, these issues will then be closed and the final industry agreed recommendation will be documented (in errata style) via the PDF Association’s new pdf-issues resource web page.

If you are not yet a member of the PDF Association and would like to join the PDF TWG, please learn more about membership.

PDF issues on GitHub

The ISO 32000-2:2020 standard is normatively referenced by, and thus critical to, a number of other important ISO standards for PDF technology, including PDF/A-4, PDF/X-6, PDF/VT-3 and PDF/R-1. Clarifying and correcting the foundational PDF 2.0 standard thus also improves clarity and smooths implementation for all these other standards.

If you or your organization develop PDF solutions, or are interested in better, clearer and more precise definition of valid PDF, then now is the time to visit the GitHub pdf-issues repository and review the proposed solutions. Give them a ? or a ? so the PDF TWG experts know how you feel – and if you have improvements or suggestions then please join the conversation. Don’t forget to watch ? the GitHub repository to stay inform informed as discussions progress and new issues are raised.

We thank all contributors who have already raised issues and actively participated in the discussions so far. A clearer PDF standard improves interoperability for everyone!