FineReader PDF 15 Release 7: New PDF editing function, command line capability, and licensing for RPA scenarios

Excerpt: New Release 7 capabilities include the possibility to change a word or a phrase at once over multiple places in a document, to integrate document conversion or comparison options via CLI into a DMS or ERP your organization uses, and expanded operation scenarios of FineReader PDF with an RPA system

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January 29, 2021
by Natalia Ursinyova

A new FineReader PDF 15 Release is ready for our users. If you want the possibility to change a word or a phrase at once over multiple places in a document, if your organization uses a DMS or ERP that you would like to integrate document conversion or comparison into, or if you are going to operate FineReader PDF with an RPA system – you definitely need to check out the new Release 7 capabilities!

1. Search & Replace

The redesigned Search tool in the PDF Editor provides you with a new useful capability – you can search for a keyword or a key phrase and replace it to another specified text throughout the whole document, including comments, metadata, etc. – either altogether or just change the entries you select.

There are three tabs now in the Search tool: “Find”, “Replace” and “Redact”. In “Find” and “Redact” you can search & highlight and search & redact, which are operations that already existed before this update. Now, in the “Replace” tab, you can type in the text to be replaced, view the search results and select in which places exactly you want the text replacement to be done. Then click “Replace”, and a recurring typo, wrong name or date, outdated data, etc. are updated throughout the whole document, in just a few moments.

Search & Replace Tool

With the Search & Replace tool in FineReader PDF, you can easily review all the entries of your key phrase found in the document, exclude any of them from the list for replacement, if needed, and then complete the operation in just one click.

The feature works for both digital (“normal”) PDFs and scanned PDFs. And if you do search & replace for an image-only PDF, it remains image-only after that – no digital text is added to the document (unless you purposefully convert it into searchable, of course).

Visit our website for more information on this feature.

2. Command Line Interface (CLI)

With FineReader PDF 15’s Command Line Interface (CLI), you can run FineReader document conversion or comparison processes by executing a command in the Windows command line. After the process is completed, the results open on the screen. Using the command parameters, you can set certain conversion and comparison options, such as document languages or desired application to open the conversion result in, to name a few. These capabilities of CLI are available with any license and edition of FineReader PDF 15.

With the Extended CLI, you can additionally execute a “Save” command to save conversion or comparison results in a file of a supported format. The Extended CLI is available only with special licenses of FineReader PDF 15, which are time- and page-limited. Please visit our website for more information on the feature, and send a request to our sales team if you are interested in licenses with Extended CLI support.

Via CLI, FineReader PDF 15 can be used to add document conversion or comparison functions to a DMS or an ERP by implementing a button with a script (for example, a Java-script) that runs a command-line command with necessary parameters, or that runs document processing in scripts.

3. Licensing for RPA usage

Special licenses that allow ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 to be used by digital workers “software robots”, instead of humans, are now available for the product. Using RPA can significantly increase the effectiveness of many routine operations done in different types of software, and with the licensing option “for RPA”, FineReader PDF 15 is now one of the applications you can use this way. If you are interested, please contact our sales team for the offer details through the form on this page.

4. Improved editing of PDF documents in Arabic

Arabic writing is beautiful, but difficult. In Release 7, we significantly improved quality of editing Arabic text in PDFs. Now, when you are editing such a PDF, FineReader PDF 15 keeps the letters in the word properly connected based on the letter’s position in the word.

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