callas software presents its new pdfToolbox 13 at VIP Event

Excerpt: callas software is holding a VIP Event together with its partner Four Pees from November 15-19 2021. The focus of this online event will be on the new release of pdfToolbox and its key features.

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October 28, 2021
by Akash Choudhary

Berlin. callas software, a leading provider of automated PDF quality assurance and archiving solutions, is holding a VIP Event together with its partner Four Pees from November 15-19 2021. The focus of this online event will be on the new release of pdfToolbox and its key features. In order to make it easier for those in the USA and Europe to attend the same event, the live sessions will take place in the afternoon and early evening, Central European Time.

“pdfToolbox 13 includes a lot of ideas that we’ve received in conversations with our customers,” said Dietrich von Seggern, Managing Director at callas. “The result is that almost every part of the solution has seen improvements, but in particular it now offers more options than ever for dynamically generating fixups, and thanks to the new interactive options, implementing workflows has become easier.”

callas has long taken advantage of the possibilities offered by JavaScript, and pdfToolbox 13 makes better use of it than ever. Users of the new release, which will be available for the VIP Event, can therefore customize the parameters of almost any function.

Another focus of the event will be on the subject of the cloud. Participants will learn about the possibilities open to callas software’s OEM partners and to customers for using pdfToolbox in the cloud.

The event will also show off additional pdfToolbox 13 features, including real-world examples of use. These features include more flexible options for converting additional pages, and for integrating the solution into Enfocus Switch. Finally, a presentation from OEM partner axaio will show how MadeToPrint uses pdfToolbox’s software development kit (SDK) to improve PDF output from Adobe InDesign.

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