axaio software releases MadeToPrint major update 3.1.343

Excerpt: The new MadeToPrint version focuses on improvements in book processing as well as adjustments and new options in PDF post-processing and in creating packages.

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July 6, 2022
by Karina Zander

Berlin/Germany – axaio software, developer of solutions for PDF output, print and editorial workflows for the publishing and print market as well as for creating accessible PDF documents, announces a major update to its MadeToPrint product line. The new MadeToPrint version 3.1.343 focuses on improvements in book processing as well as adjustments and new options in PDF post-processing and in creating packages.

Book processing

With the current version, in particular the book processing options in MadeToPrint have been improved and extended. Users of the new release can now create single-page output in MadeToPrint based on InDesign books as input. In addition, it is possible to search for missing document links in additional folders when using book mode. The pre-processing of books has been optimized in the way that it is possible to run pre-processing scripts on all documents of a book. Moreover, you can process books now also from older InDesign versions.

Local packaging before output

So far, during MadeToPrint output, layout data located on network volumes was processed directly from there, which could potentially lead to loading problems. With the new version, MadeToPrint offers the possibility to collect and package this data locally in order to start the output from there. This results in a higher output safety by preventing problems caused by unpredictable, unstable network connections.

PDF post-processing

The pdfEngine included in MadeToPrint has been updated to the latest version. For the MadeToPrint PDF Post Process feature, the current pdfEngine allows to apply new PDF profiles from the latest callas pdfToolbox 13 version. These include the PDF/X-6 standard, which is based on PDF 2.0 and is the future standard for PDF print templates. In addition, it is possible to export hyperlinks from placed INDD or PDF documents into the exported PDF.

Additional improvements and bug fixes at a glance:

  • Fixed package creation error on file server volumes
  • Fixed crash of Auto mode due to package creation in Woodwing mode
  • Recovery of missing tokens
  • Minor MadeToPrint UI optimizations
  • Improved temporary file cleanup
  • Allow JPG resolution for export 2400 dpi
  • PDF post processing works fully on Apple M1
  • Preflight is performed separately for each layer combination
  • Package creation from IDML works
  • Document links no longer read-only in Woodwing mode

The entire release notes of MadeToPrint version 3.1.343 can be found here.

A free 30-day trial version can be downloaded from the axaio website.