Transform how you manage documents for now and the future – with webPDF

Excerpt: SoftVision GmbH has created webPDF that focuses on the most important PDF features for companies bringing toegether all the key PDF functions into one business solution for document management.

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July 12, 2022
by Christian Schiller

Hundreds of emails and files land in inboxes each day and are then forwarded, processed and archived. The torrent of data is endless. Standardised file types are essential for managing these huge quantities of data and to avoid ending up with a mishmash of different file formats. The PDF file format is the standard for most companies, and with good reason: the PDF format is ISO-standardised and is under constant development, for example with specifications like PDF/A, PDF/UA and PDF/X. PDF files are accepted as a secure format across the globe.

PDF functions that no company can do without

SoftVision GmbH, a company based in Fulda, Germany, has created webPDF – a product that focuses on the most important PDF features for companies. A central PDF server ensures that all employees can create and process PDFs from their workstation at all times. webPDF brings together all the key PDF functions into one business solution for document management:

  • convert over 100 different file formats into the standardised PDF format
  • process documents as PDF files, including adding a watermark
  • create digital signatures, including time stamps
  • create and identify barcodes
  • edit text in image files
  • convert and validate files in the standard PDF/A format for long-term archiving

What makes this document management system future-proof?

When we talk about future-proofing document management, we are referring to the fact that webPDF is a business solution that will pay off over the long term and that facilitates a secure and automated workflow. The PDF format has been and remains the global standard. PDF files will continue to be the most used and, therefore, the most important file format within companies.

When it comes to long-term digital archiving, PDF/A is future-proof. Ultimately, companies need to adhere to strict standards when it comes to the long-term storage of documents. webPDF makes it possible to create documents in this legally compliant format and to validate existing PDF/A files.

What makes transformation with webPDF so simple?

The webPDF business solution offers several benefits that make it easy for everyone to work with PDF files. webPDF

  • is flexible, scalable and can be integrated into any company application
  • can be used on local servers or as a cloud-based solution
  • accelerates company processes, as all employees can work with a standardised file format
  • is effective and secure, as it effortlessly converts files into the PDF/A standard for long-term archiving
  • is the solution for all PDF functions, is installed on local servers and can be accessed via a web browser

Thanks to the standardised interface based on SOAP or REST web services, the server-side services for processing PDF files can be seamlessly integrated into every company’s workflows. The amount of admin and training required is also kept in check: as a central solution, webPDF can be used both in the backend and in the frontend – and can be accessed from desktops and mobile devices. There is no need for local installations and companies are spared additional licence fees.

Transformation can be an enjoyable process if the authorised changes greatly simplify work processes and make employees happier. And this is the case with webPDF – it makes the many different file types that documents come in easier to handle and some processes are even automated, so they run in the background. This not only makes for more efficient workflows; it also gives employees more time to do their actual jobs.