SafeDocs’ latest research into securing PDF

Excerpt: The LangSec IEEE S&P Workshop this year includes several PDF-related presentations resulting from SafeDocs research including a paper by CTO Peter Wyatt.

About the author: Peter Wyatt is the PDF Association’s CTO and an independent technology consultant with deep file format and parsing expertise, who is a developer and researcher actively working on PDF technologies … Read more

May 16, 2021
by Peter Wyatt

As previously described here and here, the PDF Association is actively involved in the DARPA-funded “SafeDocs” fundamental research program. This program aims to expand the principles of language-theoretic security (or “LangSec”) to research and develop novel parser methodologies for provably ensuring safety in digital content. Each year the IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy hosts a LangSec workshop as a dedicated forum for reporting and discussing advances from across the LangSec community.

This year’s Seventh LangSec IEEE S&P Workshop (May 27-28 2021) includes a number of presentations resulting from SafeDocs research that relate directly to PDF technology:

Abstracts for all LangSec 2021 papers are available from the LangSec 2021 Workshop Papers & Slides web page, with many papers also available for free download. Slide decks and videos will be added soon.

This year’s LangSec Workshop will again be a virtual two-day event and is now open for anyone to register and attend. If you want to understand some of these leading-edge advances towards provably securing PDF, then please consider attending.


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