Sonic PDF Server


Sonic PDF Server is a powerful server-side solution that provides enterprise-wide PDF creation technology to an unlimited number of users:

  • Unlimited conversions from any printable Windows file type to PDF
  • Powerful OCR technology for converting scanned PDFs and TIFF files into searchable PDFs.
  • Advanced compression settings to determine the size and quality of the created PDFs.
  • Turn any printable document into a secure PDF file using 128 bit encryption, passwords, and various permission settings.
  • Advanced functionalities for power users (PDF creation automation, email integration, job ticket creation, monitored folders, and much more).

Sonic PDF Server can be used in 3 different ways:

  • A file can be sent for server-side processing via email and an output result will be delivered in an email reply.
  • User can designate watched folders (one for each file format) and files will be processed automatically when uploaded. Output will be delivered to designated output folders. Users can apply criteria for skipping certain files if needed.
  • Job Ticket user interface can be deployed to individual desktop stations. It makes sending files for processing straightforward even for the most inexperienced computer users.

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