SOLitrack Mobile – Mobile Document GPS


Would you like to know exactly where a job is in the production lifecycle? Need to oversee operations from your facilities from the palm of your hand? No problem. SOLitrack is like a GPS system for your documents. It tracks job statuses and current conditions of any and all of your production print workflows. This information can be delivered to your mobile device through SOLitrack Mobile – a customizable web interface. Easily manage your SLA and priority schedules, track job status, and monitor printers and other devices. With a preference-based alert and notification system along with custom reporting, SOLitrack Mobile can keep you in the know while you’re on the go!

Feature highlights include:

  • Secure login allows users to see only the jobs and devices they have permissions for
  • Folder structures along with other advanced filtering capabilities allow a user to quickly find jobs in the systemBrowse jobs based on job status to quickly monitor SLAs
  • Workflow progression indicators and job status make tracking jobs easy
  • Monitor a job’s progression as it moves through its assigned workflow
  • View a job’s messages and attributes to stay up-to-date on how it is progressing
  • Integration with SOLsearcher Enterprise archival solution allows for a quick preview of a job
  • A built-in device view allows users to monitor a device’s status and workload
  • Configurable alert and notification system keeps you up-to-date on jobs, devices, and other system events

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