Section 508 Certification


About Section 508

Millions of US citizens must use assistive technology (AT) in order to read electronic content.

To meet their needs and to ensure equal access to information, the US Congress enacted legislation in 1998 to require U.S. Federal agencies and contractors to procure accessible software and to produce accessible electronic documents.

The regulations, known as Section 508, went into effect in June, 2001.

How we can help you

We correct and certify PDF files to ensure compliance with Section 508. Results are guaranteed, as is a high-quality reading experience for assistive-technology users. This service is offered by quotation for each document processed.

To get started with a quote for remediation and certification, simply email representative files to We’ll respond with a comprehensive cost within 24 hours.

What you need to know about PDF and Section 508

PDF files cannot be validated for compliance with Section 508 by currently available automation. There are two basic options.

  1. Structure the document correctly in your authoring software and be sure to make tags when creating the PDF, then check the resulting file for compliance OR
  2. When option 1 is unavailable, you must tag and otherwise manage the accessibility of your PDF files after creation.

The results of any tagging effort must be checked (and when necessary, corrected) by a trained individual to assure compliance with the law.

Do you represent a Federal agency? Please see go to our websitefor details on how our deliverables meet Section 508 requirements.

Get a FREE Demonstration using YOUR document or form

See what your PDF’s tags should really look like! Simply email us a PDF and pick a page you’d like us to make Section 508 compliant. We’ll tag and return it to you within 48 hours at no charge. It’s a FREE DEMONSTRATION.

Limit of one page / customer, no form allowed.  We reserve the right to refuse this free service for extraordinarily difficult pages!

Why Appligent Document Solutions?

We’ve specialized in PDF accessibility since 2000, longer than any other service provider in the world.

We lead the industry in International Standards development for accessible PDF.
We offer the highest-quality, most cost-effective PDF tagging services available.
Our service comes with our unique certification of Section 508 compliance: a simple, no-questions asked guarantee.


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