Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM


Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM provides enterprise rights management for PDF files.  It has all of the PDF protection functionality of Safeguard PDF Security with additional security and administration features for larger organizations and Publishers.

Stop unauthorized access to PDF documents and control how they can be used.


Additional Features

Lock PDF documents to IP and country locations

  • Control BYOD use – prevent confidential and sensitive documents being viewed outside of the office.
  • For publishers selling documents, ensure manuals, ebooks, etc. can only be viewed in authorized countries.

Track PDF use

  • See how your documents are being used, by whom and when.
  • Track PDF opens and prints.

Sub-Administrator Access

  • Control sub-administrator access to the Safeguard Admin System.
  • Log their activity.

Custom Reports & Messages

  • Create custom unauthorized use and expiry messages
  • Generate reports for documents and users

Make system wide batch changes

Enable users to transfer licenses between devices

Enforce degraded printing – black & white or greyscale

Allow grace periods for offline use


Just like Safeguard PDF Security, there are no passwords or certificates to manage – just transparent and secure public key technology.


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