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 />Designed for Highly Variable Production Output</em></span></p>
<p>ReadyPDF is our latest innovation for our PDF-centric workflow software platform, Chemistry™, that delivers critical resource and content optimization capability for high-volume printing and e-delivery including variable marketing and transactional workflows.</p>
<p>ReadyPDF optimizes PDF files so they process more efficiently for e-delivery, archiving, and production printing. ReadyPDF combines several PDF optimization technologies under one solution along with Solimar technology and added customizations that provide a high degree of functionality and robustness. Initial benchmarking shows ReadyPDF is not only capable of much higher throughput, but successfully processes files other solutions are simply not able to run.</p>
<li>Built on the “Gold Standard” of core Adobe technology</li>
<li>Fonts are converted for an exact match to what you see in Adobe products</li>
<li>Color is controlled to match what you expect in Adobe products</li>
<li>Replace subset fonts (fonts that don’t have complete sets embedded)</li>
<li>Combine, reduce, reuse resources for smaller file sizes and less complexity for processors</li>
<li>Create web versions remove unnecessary resources from the PDF for the fastest online viewing</li>
<li>Create PDF files with the smallest file size possible for the fastest processing possible</li>
<li>Color optimization for the destination of choice (print hardware or electronic channels)</li>
<li>Integrated with the Solimar Chemistry platform for complete automation possibilities and compatibility</li>
<p>ReadyPDF’s primary goal is to optimize PDF files to reduce RIP times and enable rated-speed output for production printing. Overall, ReadyPDF provides a fresh entry into the PDF Optimization space that is ideal for high-volume variable print environments that deal with a wide assortment of complex PDF challenges and inefficiencies.</p>
<p>ReadyPDF leverages Solimar’s extensive expertise with PDF files. The solution is part of Solimar’s Chemistry platform that can expand to other areas of workflow including driving printers securely, PDF re-engineering, data stream conversion, archiving, accessible documents, job batching, and production dashboards.</p>
<p>For PDF files destined for web presentment, ReadyPDF can linearize files so they can be opened before the entire file is downloaded. The color profile of PDF files can be changed for screen viewing vs print. File sizes can be reduced by downsampling the resolution of images for e-delivery.</p>
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