The PDF to DOCX (PDF2DOCX) component makes it possible to convert existing PDFs back into an editable MS Office format. Not only will the text be read out, but also the layout and formatting will be taken from the PDF. This PDF can quite simply serve as a basis for new documents or for changes to existing documents. Cut & Paste without manually removing and redesigning the text, images and layout from the PDF.

WebPage www.pdftodocx.de     |     PDFBlog PDF to DOCX

Available as:

PDF2DOCX-FM as Windows service with folder monitoring. Incoming folders are monitored and all newly added PDFs are processed and the result is stored in the assigned output folder.

PDF2DOCX-CL is a command line application and serves to convert PDF’s to DOCX, RTF, HTML, XML, TXT and XLS.

PDF2DOCX-CS REST / SOAP Web service application


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