Automating PDF documents

Documents with reference to the content and conditions can be identified, shared and metadata are read out. The documents ccan be reassembled by criteria. Stationery can be selected based on the content. The documents can be printed or sent via email.

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Template Editor

Using the Template Editor, the criteria and process steps are configured. Templates and associated layouts are required to categorize the documents to split and read the desired information therefrom. Templates determine the naming, folder structure, metadata and define further processing with stationery, signature and email delivery.

Templates define how documents are classified on conditions are associated with a layout or divided into individual documents. Templates define layouts for all the common processing parameters: fields, file name, folder structure, condition: parts, recognizing, delete pages, and stationery, signature and email

Job Prozessor

Central, server-based, automated and unattended processing of documents via Folder Monitoring. Multiple jobs can be created and several input folders can therefore be monitored. Per Job / input folder there is a pre-selection of the recognizable templates and layouts. The processor checks each document to be processed against the pre-selected template / layout. If the detection conditions are met, the processing is carried out, which has been set via the template / layout. The Job Processor executes what has been set over the PDFmdx Template Editor on logic and processing steps.

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