Every day, we all produce multiple PDF files from various applications, for multiple purposes. But when it comes down to sharing those PDFs with others, we either start filling our cloud storage, use up our precious mobile data volume, jam internet connections or even receive obscure replies from some Mr. Mail-Daemon, telling us the file we tried to send it too large.

PDFLight for Mac OS X puts an end to all of this!

Whether it is a multi page business report, sophisticated corporate presentation or your resume, the size savings achieved through PDFLight and the ultra fast, high quality display of graphics and text even on tablets and smart phones are equally impressive.

Leveraging on DALIM SOFTWARE’s award winning cross media workflow TWIST, PDFLight brings intuitive high-end PDF optimisation on every desktop!

At DALIM SOFTWARE we believe that data management and storage is a major environmental pressure being placed on the world today. Through this pioneering approach for a software company already relying entirely on sustainable energy sources along with our cutting edge collaborative tools, which allow people to collaborate without unnecessary replication of data at enterprise level we have decided to go the extra mile and apply the concept to a Desktop Consumer App.

Through the reduction of PDF file sizes to an absolute minimum and the increased display performance, the very intuitive PDFLight app is one of our many contributions to a greener future!


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