PDFlib FontReporter


PDFlib FontReporter is a free plugin for analyzing fonts in PDF documents. It generates detailed information reports from any PDF file loaded into Adobe Acrobat. With a single click, PDFlib FontReporter collects general information, font-related information, and glyph tables for all fonts in a PDF and generates a font report in a separate PDF.

The PDFlib FontReporter plugin works with the following Acrobat versions:

  • Acrobat 8-DC Standard, Pro/Professional and Pro Extended on Windows.
  • Acrobat X/XI/DC Standard and Pro/Professional on OS X 10.9 and higher.

The plugin doesn’t work with Acrobat Reader/Adobe Reader.

Highlights of PDFlib FontReporter

  • free product
  • supports CJK fonts (among all other font types)
  • presents Unicode values of all characters
  • supports OpenType embedding (new in Acrobat 7)
  • comes with user interface in German and English

More than Acrobat’s font list

  • FontReporter provides much more information about each font than Acrobat, including glyph names and Unicode mappings.
  • FontReporter deals with CJK font names even on Western systems.
  • FontReporter provides glyph tables so that you can see the glyphs in a font.
  • FontReporter presents the output as a PDF document so that you can save or print it.
  • FontReporter is guaranteed to process the full document, regardless of which pages have already been displayed in Acrobat.


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