PDF Optimizer


  • Reduce PDF file size
  • Maintain integrity of original PDF
  • Retain color and font fidelity

Reduce PDF file size for optimal file sharing and downloads

PDF Optimizer is a scriptable server tool that simplifies PDF file size reduction to facilitate more efficient file sharing and faster downloads. Built upon the Adobe PDF Library, PDF Optimizer will optimize files and preserve the fidelity of the original document. PDF Optimizer provides complete control over the optimization process, using the same technology that Adobe uses to build Adobe Acrobat. With PDF Optimizer, you can implement enterprise-level optimization with assured accuracy and reliability. PDF archiving (PDF/A) is also fully integrated into PDF Optimizer, ensuring that your PDFs are optimized for long-term preservation and improved document compatibility.


  • Reduce PDF file size for faster downloads
  • Create accurate and reliable files
  • Preserve fidelity of the original document
  • Improve document portability


  • Create optimized PDF file(s) for targeted viewing
  • Reduce image resolution while maintaining image fidelity
  • Convert color
  • Flatten transparencies

For more information, visit https://www.datalogics.com/products/pdftools/pdf-optimizer/


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