PDF Annotator


PDF AnnotatorAdd notes & annotations to any PDF document – comments, corrections, signatures, highlighting, even photos, designs and drawings.

Type, Write & Highlight

Add text boxes of various kinds for typed comments, or simply add handwritten comments using your Tablet PC pen or the stylus on your external graphics tablet.

You can even use the highlighter just like you would on a printout. Intelligent tools like “auto smooth” help to keep handwritten comments clean and professional.


Stamp PDF documents with a single click. PDF Annotator comes with a wide range of predefined symbol, date and text stamps.

Still, you can add and define your own stamps, starting from a text box, an image, or even your physical signature. Stamps can be organized in a versatile tool box and exported in groups to share with co-workers.

Add Markup & Images

Annotate using various tools like arrows, lines, rectangles and circles.

Insert images in more than 40 different image formats, including popular formats like JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP. Group and lock annotations to prevent unintended modification.

Add page margins if you need more space for annotations, or crop oversized documents. Add page numbers to PDF documents.

Create PDF

PDF Annotator comes with a virtual PDF printer to create PDF documents from any application that provides printing, like Office programs, internet browsers or email clients.

Start from scratch with a blank new PDF document including various background templates like lined or squared paper.

Create digital copies of secured PDF documents: If a document does not allow commenting, create a copy and work on the copy!

Integrate & Collaborate

Annotations added in PDF Annotator can be viewed in any PDF viewer with no special software required. Still, annotations can be edited in PDF Annotator when reopening an annotated document. Alternatively, merge annotations to make them permanent.

Import and export annotations to collaborate with your colleagues. Create snapshots of parts of a document to paste them in a different place and annotate them. Share and deploy settings within your workgroup.

Extract text and integrate third party tools to work with extracted text.

View, Print & Present

Open multiple documents in separate tabs. Navigate within documents with enhanced navigation techniques, pan with your finger if you work on a touch device! Print documents with or without annotations.

Present PDF documents in full screen mode with all the mark-up functionality at your hands while hidden from your audience using fly-in toolbars.

Combine & Merge

Append pages and documents, insert new pages at any destination. Clone pages or extract them into new documents.

Split & Reorder Pages

Move, cut and paste pages within the same or a different document. Delete pages from your PDF.


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