PDF Alchemist


  • Accurate data, content, and table extraction
  • Streamline data management
  • Reliable information reconstruction

Easily convert PDFs to HTML, XML and EPUB formats

Datalogics PDF Alchemist is available as a (C/C++) SDK and as a scriptable server tool for intelligently extracting text and images from PDFs. It employs advanced techniques to identify and accurately reconstruct “text flows” within PDFs. Text flows are often lost within PDFs, but are vital for accessing the information otherwise locked within the document. With PDF Alchemist, you can integrate extracted data into machine learning, business process automation and advanced analysis and decision logic workflows.


  • Data Extraction
    • Effectively extract and manage previously inaccessible unstructured data
  • Accuracy
    • Increase productivity with accurate data correlation and information reconstruction
  • Complex Table Processing
    • Advanced algorithms interpret and process complex embedded tables
  • Character Recognition
    • Built-in OCR support provides expanded capabilities
  • Responsive Content
    • Reconstruct source files for optimal content delivery across all devices
  • Improved Indexing
    • Improve searching and indexing of PDFs within document repositories


  • Multilingual extraction capabilities that easily process PDFs containing multiple languages
  • Support for optical character recognition which enables text extraction from images
  • Remove unneeded page artifacts such as headers and footers
  • Output options include HTML, XML and EPUB formats with support for both Windows and Linux 64-bit platforms
  • Available as an SDK for SaaS and OEM applications or as an easy-to-use scriptable server tool for server-based implementations

Which version of PDF Alchemist is right for you?

Pro Premium
Easy-to-use scriptable server tool Robust SDK

Designed for seamless integration into existing workflows

Ideal for SaaS and OEM applications

More information: https://www.datalogics.com/products/pdftools/pdfalchemist/


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