NOVO PDF Compression


“Should we scan in color, or in black and white?” The question no longer matters: with NOVO PDF Compression, you can do both, while still keeping quality levels high and file sizes low.

The NOVO PDF Compression module allows Captiva Capture users to create color PDF documents with the help of the LuraTech PDF Compressor – all while minimizing use of storage space and maximizing quality using the very best compression techniques.

From now on, you can scan everything in color at 300 dpi within your own unique scanning workflow. Captiva Capture and the NOVO PDF Compression module automatically take care of everything else. NOVO PDF Compression delivers high-quality color images in PDF or PDF/A format without monopolizing your available storage space.

And there’s more: Metadata can be attached to individual pages or the entire PDF document in XML format whenever needed, enabling all kinds of further processing and use.

Black and white or color? NOVO PDF Compression makes the question itself irrelevant. From now on, all you need is a single workflow for scanning in color. The module takes care of everything else.


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