ngPDF is a web application implementing Derivation of HTML from Tagged PDF in a predictable manner. So-called Tagged PDF documents contain additional invisible layer with semantic information of all visual elements in the document, which is used by the Derivation algorithm to represent the same content in HTML.

To learn more, see the Usage Specification or watch the Next Generation PDF sessions from PDF Days Europe 2017.


  • Turn Tagged PDF into HTML using the Derivation algorithm
  • See the derived HTML next to your PDF for comparison and immediate adjustments
  • Inspect the tagged structure tree of the PDF document
  • Manage PDF classes and their attributes
  • Manage embedded files associated with structure elements
  • Create and modify the mapping between PDF tags (so-called RoleMaps)
  • Edit the CSS to adjust the HTML presentation. Embed the resulting CSS directly into your source PDF document for further reuse
  • Download the modified PDF back to your local file system
  • Full support for PDF 1.7 and PDF 2.0 specifications


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