M/TEXT Content Composition


We turn your data into successful communication

M/TEXT forms (along with M/OMS and M/Workbench) one of the three pillars of Customer Communication Management with the Series M/. M/TEXT is responsible for document creation or content composition. The generation of content that is individually tailored to the recipient and therefore relevant is a decisive factor for successful communication that creates a positive experience for the customer/prospect.

M/TEXT is the only system on the market with 40 years of industry experience and is constantly being optimized. M/TEXT uses the system’s own logic to flexibly generate individual content from the data provided, right down to the smallest text elements – and automatically applies the layout agreed in the corporate design. Thus, at the end of the process, all information is available to serve physical and, above all, digital channels in the appropriate (responsive) format.

The high degree of flexibility and the wide range of possible applications make M/TEXT the universal tool for the centralized creation of all types of high-quality written customer communication, from attractively prepared business documents to short messages and other digital channels. With the built-in whitespace management, the free space remaining at the end of a letter can be used for appropriate additional information and advertisements. Leading CRM and ERP providers such as Salesforce and SAP also benefit from up-to-date communication professionally created with M/TEXT.


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