LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise


LuraTech PDF CompressorThe LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise is the professional solution for process-oriented document conversion and compression. This flexible, scalable solution is designed for processing data volumes of any size.

Scanned documents are compressed into PDF- or PDF/A-format files and made searchable using OCR (character recognition). The Born Digital Module also allows you to process batches of digital documents created in MS Office, PDF or Outlook email format (including attachments) and to convert them to PDF or PDF/A.

The LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise is also available in an EMC Captiva version with a fully integrated EMC Captiva interface.

The software’s outstanding PDF/A document compression reduces incoming data volumes significantly while also delivering outstanding image quality in an ISO-compliant format designed for long-term archiving. Integrated OCR technology makes all files fully text searchable. Extracted data is automatically handed over to existing systems for further processing to assist with any number of business processes.

Power, flexibility and process integration in document processing

  • Large numbers of documents

    For years, scan service providers and other companies, organizations and institutions dealing with large numbers of incoming documents have used the LuraTech PDF Compressor. From capture to output, it reliably  and automatically structures scanned and born-digital documents alike.

  • Highly scalable

    The LuraTech PDF Compressor is used in thousands of active installations for all kinds of centralized mass-processing projects: everything from small jobs to huge contracts converting millions of pages as quickly as possible.

  • Easy to integrate

    As a production- and process-oriented solution, the LuraTech PDF Compressor can be easily added into any existing workflow. Integration types include batch processing and job-list processing, in which the LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise is jointly controlled by both upstream and downstream processes.


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