K-Compare Validate


CAD File Discrepancy Report Software

Exhaustive and independent model comparison report software with the fastest processing and simplest interface

Automate the creation of certified, tamper-proof PDF documents that record that part specification 3D CAD data is moving through specialized manufacturing processes with full fidelity.


Supplier Quality Compliance

K-Compare Validate exceeds all aerospace industry CAD data translation validation and documentation requirements. Any translation problems uncovered can be quickly reviewed for significance, dispositioned, and added to the report. The simple user interface saves time and makes supplier quality audits a breeze.

Complete Inspection

Kubotek has independently developed an unrivaled universal geometric database technology to address interoperability problems between 3D CAD formats. This foundation allows K-Compare Validate to comprehensively evaluate differences as a truly neutral 3rd-party examiner. Instead of just comparing a sampling of points which can miss differences, K-Compare does a complete review of each pair of precise boundary representation entities.

Handle 3D CAD from Any Source

Lightweight K-Compare programs install locally on Windows, MacOS, or Linux systems and open the latest 3D CAD files from all major CAD software and standard formats, with no dependencies on any CAD installations. Support includes full semantic comparison of manufacturing annotations and tolerances tagged to the faces. The core model interpretation engine is fully multi-threaded to minimize processing time for large files or sets of files.


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