K-Compare Revision


3D Change Report Software

Enable Absolute Clarity in Engineering Changes

K-Compare Revision software quickly identifies and documents in PDF all the differences between two CAD models to help prevent scrap, re-work, and production delays by improving communication with machinists, tooling engineers, inspectors, and the design team.

Communicate Detailed Understanding of Changes to All Stakeholders

3D model files transferred to manufacturing precisely define the specifications of the parts to be built. When changes occur to these models it is critical that everyone involved understand exactly all the differences between revisions. Creating a graphical change report to clearly illustrate each change is the best practice. Distribution of this report as a PDF file is the best way to be sure that everyone has access to the document.

Confidently Identify All Changes to Models and Data

K-Compare Revision software provides a complete evaluation of 3D engineering model (precise boundary representation) and manufacturing data (PMI/GD&T) utilizing proprietary geometric pattern matching algorithms. This comprehensive mathematical solution, based on user-configured tolerances, reduces risks of missed differences created by the common practice of visually comparing models in shaded overlay mode.

Handle 3D CAD from Any Source

Lightweight K-Compare programs install locally on Windows, MacOS, or Linux systems and open the latest precise CAD files from all major CAD software and standard formats, with no dependencies on any CAD installations. The core model interpretation engine is fully multi-threaded to minimize processing time for large files or sets of files.

Quickly Create Complete Reports

Because differences are identified at the face-level of the precise engineering model, organization into sets to be documented as a single difference can be handled using simple rules such as symmetry and adjacency. Once the user has arranged suitable differences together into folders, the automatic report generator follows a user-defined template to generate a report page for each difference. Report pages can be annotated, and 3D views adjusted using a simple set of tools.



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