jPDFViewer Java PDF Component


Qoppa’s jPDFViewer is self contained Java component that can be integrated in a Java application or a web application. Written in Java, it allows applications to remain platform independent and run on Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.

jPDFViewer can load documents from files on a local or network drive, from a URL and from Java input streams for documents that are generated runtime or come from other sources, such as a database.

With jPDFViewer, applications can remain in control of PDF documents and enforce access and security protocols based on any criteria implemented by the system.

Main Features

  • Read and display PDF files on any platform that supports Java
  • Print PDF files
  • Fill interactive PDF forms (Acroforms, XFA forms)
  • View all markup annotations
  • Validates and displays digital signatures
  • Text search and selection
  • Advanced tools: zoom, loupe, snapshot, pan and zoom
  • Easy navigation with different views: thumbnails, bookmarks, annotations, etc…
  • Customizable toolbar and user interface
  • Support for all image types, including JBIG2 and JPEG 2000
  • Support for all PDF font types (Types 0-3, OpenType, TrueType)
  • Support for the latest Acrobat PDF format 1.7 including layers
  • Support for all PDF colors spaces including pattern and separation
  • Support for file attachments
  • Available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix (100% Java)
  • No need to install or configure additional drivers or software when deploying


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