jPDFSecure Java PDF Sign SDK


Qoppa’s jPDFSecure is a Java library that can digitally sign PDF documents and change security settings on PDF Documents. With jPDFSecure,  java or web applications can encrypt PDF documents, set permissions and passwords, and create and apply digital signatures.

jPDFSecure has a simple interface to load PDF documents from files, network drives,URLs and even input streams, which can be generated runtime or come directly from a database. After changing security settings, jPDFSecure can save the document to a file, a or a javax.servlet.ServletOutputStream when running in a J2EE application server to output the file directly to a browser.

Main Features

  • Digitally Sign PDF Documents:
    • Create New Digital Signature Fields
    • Apply Digital Signatures on New or Existing Fields
    • Apply Certifying Signatures
    • Clear Digital Signatures
  • Encrypt / Decrypt PDF Documents with 40, 128, 256-bit Encryption (including latest algorithm)
  • Decrypt PDF Documents
  • Support for Timestamp Servers
  • Set / Remove Permissions: Print, Print High Resolution, Copy or Extract Content, Extract Content in Support of Accessibility, Modify the Document, Add / Modify Annotations, Fill Form Fields and Sign
  • Set / Remove Passwords: Open Password, Master Permissions Password
  • Works on Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X (100% Java)
  • No Need for Additional Drivers or Software when Deploying


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