iPaper PDF Stationery


iPaper allows to generate PDF documents by printing from any application, underlay a selected stationery or template and e.g. directly insert message into an e-mail.

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Dynamic integration of pre-defined backgrounds regardless of function and ability of the application
Multiple processing even after PDF creation – Actions: eMail, AutoPrint, Protection, Metadata, Execute, …
View (Thumb and full screen) before completion and check whether corrections still need to be made.

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PDF/A-1b and 3b AddOn
The defined stationery, as well as the results documents of the iPaper processing can be automatically converted to PDF/A-1b or 3b format. PDF/A-3b is the basis for electronic accounting according to the ZUGFeRD standard.

PDFSign is used to sign PDF documents with an X.509 certificate.

On the basis of content and conditions, documents can be recognized, shared and metadata read out; content-controlled stationery can be deposited, printed and sent by e-mail.

Folder Monitoring and Windows Service
All functions can be used through the iPaper server as a Windows service. The processing is done by folder monitoring. Different actions and parameters can be set for each folder.


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