Inkjet Mailing and Efficiency Solution


Optimized PDF Full-Color Inkjet Production Printing

Solimar Systems’ new solution called “Inkjet Mailing and Efficiency Solution” provides mailers migrating to inkjet with the basic tools required for fast, easy and efficient transition to full color inkjet.

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Comprised of modular & integrated solutions from Solimar, users are able to now:

  • Concatenate smaller production runs into a larger run for more efficient processing. This reduces costs by reducing starts and stops, changing paper rolls and reducing downtime while helping to eliminate waste.
  • Optimize PDF files so digital front ends (DFEs) can process at rated speeds. Not all PDFs are produced efficiently. Wasted storage space and duplication of resources are eliminated by optimizing PDF files into smaller PDFs by caching resources.
  • Digitally commingle mail so multiple files can run in true presorted order. Address information is sent to presorting software and replaced with corrected address & postal barcodes. The file is resorted in postal order, saving on postage and labor costs.
  • Easy changes or additions of required barcodes for finishing equipment such as perfers, slitters and inserters. Different equipment requires different barcode information to be placed in different areas on the page. Barcodes can be changed from one type to
    another (i.e. OMR to 2D) and put into the correct position.
  • Ability to add variable digital inserts for more personalized communications. Rather than using inserters to pull the same insert, inkjet printers can create personalized “onserts” inline while printing for true relevant communications.

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