Geneinno S2, the most portable sea scooter for energy-saving when swimming & diving


Geneinno S2, the world’s first wireless connection that can record a number of data of the user’s underwater movements, won the IF Industrial Design Award in 2021, which can reach a diving depth of 30 meters.


There are features for the S2 underwater scooter.

  1. Small & Light —Like a Carry-on Toy

The whole body is only the size of a notebook, you can carry it with you or in your backpack/suitcase.  S2 is always on call whenever you need it

Don’t you love such high-tech toys have a try?


  1. Strong —High Speed & Low Power Consumption

With a 10kg thrust motor set and a 70kg body weight. Geneinno S2 can reach to 1.2m/s. The built-in power consumption energy-saving chip consumes less energy and has a battery life of 45min, making the underwater fun longer.


  1. Deep —Dive up to 98ft

Featured with a built-in battery solution, sealed cabin, and 30m waterproof performance, Geneinno S2 can dive up to 98ft, no matter swimming, snorkeling, free diving, or scuba diving, S2 fits all your needs.

Artifact in hand, deep-dive freedom.


  1. Having Fun with 2-level Speed

Needs more stimulation? Geneinno S2 offers you the two-gear speed of 2.7 mph and a low speed of 2 mph.

No matter whether you are a newbie or an expert, it brings you different scenery Fast or slow, leisure or passion, it all depends on you.


  1. Humanized and Fashionable Design

With the features of young and stylish in appearance, small and light, Geneinno S2 is very suitable for young people to use, and it will be one of the best travel companions.

Pack it in a backpack and bring infinite joy to your journey.


  1. Parental Mode for avoiding accidents

We specifically designed the APP for S2 so that adults can control the scooter on the ground via our app while the child learns to swim in the pool. Invisibly, it reduces the risk of an accident for children.


  1. Magic weapon for Travelling

With a lightweight and portable body, you can take Geneinno S2 anywhere. Wherever you go, it follows. Direct charging is supported, making your travel uninterrupted.


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