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DocBridge® Spool is software for the central control and management of jobs in production printing. The solution, which has REST interfaces (API) for connecting external applications, is based on a powerful, flexible architecture and enables the central management of input and output connectors.

The main benefit of this solution is that it significantly relieves employees (print operators) of manual operator interventions, allowing them to better focus on their core business. In addition, the use of DocBridge® Spool allows transparency and cost-effectiveness to be increased overall in high-volume production printing.

DocBridge® Spool is a scalable and platform independent software for centralized control and monitoring of jobs in print production. DocBridge® Spool is based on a flexible architecture and provides REST interfaces (API) to connect to external applications.

DocBridge® Spool was designed to enable configuration, management and monitoring of Input Connectors (IPDS Receivers, Hotfolders, LPD, IPP) and Output Connectors (IPDS Drivers, LPR, Custom). Therefore, the DocBridge® Spool scope of delivery includes configuration options for all supported connectors.

DocBridge® Spool includes the following components and modules that interact with each other:

DocBridge® Spool Core:

DocBridge® Spool Core is the central server component that manages and controls all other components and modules of DocBridge® Spool, e.g. Input and Output Connectors, housekeeping, persistence etc.

It handles all Authentication & Authorization requests and provides a secure REST interface, which is also used by the web interface to facilitate user friendly interactions.

DocBridge® Spool – Output Connector Controllers:

DocBridge® Spool – Output Connector Controllers can be installed on multiple systems. This allows DocBridge® Spool Core to start and stop the Output Connector applications on remote systems.

Input Connector:

Input Connector is the collective term for modules that receive input data and forward it to DocBridge® Spool Core. DocBridge® Spool Core then creates a job that can be processed by an Output Connector.

DocBridge® Spool supports five Input Connector types:

  • Authorized external applications can create jobs with the REST interface
  • IPDS Receiver, an IPDS Printer emulation that enables bi-directional communication with one or more AFP presentation systems to receive IPDS data
  • LPD Service enables remote systems to submit jobs via LPD/LPR network printing protocol to one or more LPD Queues
  • IPP Printer Service enables remote systems and clients to submit jobs via Internet Printing Protocol
  • One or more Hotfolders (watched directories) can be monitored for incoming jobs
Output Connector:

Output Connector is the collective term for the modules that process and transfer the jobs to configured devices or external systems, such as printers or archiving file systems.

Jobs are assigned to Output Connectors by DocBridge® Spool Core based on their processing criteria (priority, job class, forms, Output Connector name)

DocBridge® Spool supports three Output Connector types:

  • IPDS Driver: Connector for printing to IPDS printers, including automated conversion of page elements that are not supported by the printer or the IPDS Specification (e.g. barcodes, PDF Object Containers, Vector Graphics)
  • LPR: To submit jobs via LPD/LPR network printing protocol to one or more remote LPD Queues
  • Custom Output Connector: Enables the user to create an Output Connector to process data based on user requirements


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