DocBridge® Conversion Hub


The high-performance, scalable and seamlessly integrated DocBridge® Conversion Hub platform goes beyond conventional document conversion software in terms of scope and intention. Probably the most important advantage of the solution developed by Compart is the almost unlimited format variety: There is practically no document type that cannot be processed by DocBridge® Conversion Hub. This reflects Compart’s profound know-how as a specialist for data streams in document and output management. Even voice messages, for example from messenger services (WhatsApp, Viber, Line), images in various formats, e-mails along with attachments and content in very proprietary or outdated formats can be processed with the solution. DocBridge® Conversion Hub functions quasi as a “funnel” that receives, recognizes and prepares every received electronic document, regardless of its format, i.e. converts it into a readable and analyzable format, at the same time extracting the relevant data and thus laying the foundations for its automated further processing, including on AI-based processes.


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