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CommonLook® PDF, a plugin for Adobe Acrobat®allows users to easily and rapidly check and correct PDF documents and forms to ensure compliance with the United States’ Section 508 regulations and other accessibility standards.

The only PDF editor other than Adobe’s Acrobat recognized in the W3C’s PDF Techniques for WCAG 2.0, CommonLook PDF is significantly faster and more efficient than Adobe Acrobat when verifying and correcting tags in PDF files.

Beyond efficiency and process optimization, CommonLook PDF includes comprehensive auditing of manual and automatic validation points in a definitive CommonLook Report.


  • Ensures conformance with Section 508 (US) and other applicable accessibility standards.
  • Allows verification and correction of tagging order and semantics in a dedicated, auditable workflow.
  • Enables correct structuring of Tables, Lists and Tables of Contents.
  • Automatically detects and repairs a variety of common problems in PDF files.
  • Dramatically reduces time required to correct existing PDF documents.
  • Re-orders page content to improve the reading experience with mobile devices and software that does not support tagged PDF.
  • Output PDF files are verified by the software or the operator, as appropriate to each checkpoint.
  • Generates page and element-level reports accepted by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other Federal agencies.


  • Optimization: Displays information and performs actions related to the current checkpoint. Items addressed are removed from the list.
  • Automation: Segment testing by individual checkpoint, increasing productivity by allowing specialist users (for example, alternate text authors or table specialists) to focus on their subject-matter expertise.
  • Advanced Table Structure Editor:  the table checkpoint window provides a wide range of powerful tools to verify and remediate tables.
  • Synchronized View: Users may view logical structure and physical views together, with or without artifacts displayed.
  • Verification Reports: Provides detailed and summary test results by page and for the document as a whole.

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