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True server processing with Adobe® InDesign Server®

In companies where high-speed, high-volume output is of the essence, axaio provides a true server application –– MadeToPrint Server. The server version of MadeToPrint automates print and output processes in combination with Adobe® InDesign® Server, for higher reliability, stability and performance. The configuration is carried out via the separate MadeToPrint Server UI to make operation easier for the user. MadeToPrint also includes connectors for publishing systems such as vjoon K4, WoodWing Studio or Quark Publishing Platform and Van Gennep PlanSystem4, for a status-based output. Furthermore it can be integrated with automation systems such as Enfocus Switch.

Fields of application

For publishing environments using Adobe® InDesign® as publishing program

Typically, several teams simultaneously work on a large number of documents, against the deadlines! Today they still run into output flaws, misprints, issues with layers, etc…. even with leading layout and publishing tools. axaio MadeToPrint Server solves current issues by automating, extending, enhancing, and streamlining printing and output processes. Predefined job sets provide identical output from every file for more reliability and increased efficiency. Through the different instances of the Adobe InDesign Server, MadeToPrint jobs are processed in parallel for considerable time and cost savings.

MadeToPrint Server seamlessly integrates in any editorial system. Specific integrations have been made with publishing systems WoodWing Studio and vjoon K4. Configurators for Enfocus’ Switch automation platform are available as well. Any publisher looking to standardize output in order to decrease cost and errors should have a look at MadeToPrint Server.

For conventional or digital full service printers

The production processes leading to the final printed document need to be as efficient and reliable as possible, especially when handling specialized documents in multiple languages and versions. axaio MadeToPrint Server is the ideal gate keeper and offers streamlined and faultless production with standardized file naming, adding info bars, handling language layers and finally providing a fully imposed ready to print file. Needless to say that this adds a tremendous efficiency increase, and considerable time and cost savings. MadeToPrint can easily be integrated in any production automation solution. A configurator for Enfocus Switch enables an easy configuration of the entire workflow.

For creative and production teams

Creative and production teams often struggle with insufficient or unfriendly document output procedures inside industry leading publishing tools. Lost time, which should be invested to be creative! In comes the axaio MadeToPrint Server. It relieves designers for all technicalities of preparing files for print, again and again. It solves output flaws, misprints, issues with layers, etc.… by extending, enhancing, checking and standardizing all output processes. Production managers can create output job sets once, making them available to all users, to get consistent output results from every workstation.


  • Supports Adobe® InDesign Server® CC 2017 – ID 2021
  • Supports Adobe® InDesign® CC 2017 – ID 2021
  • For Windows and Mac

Benefits compared to the MadeToPrint Auto version

  • Combines the power, performance and stability of Adobe InDesign Server with the various output options of MadeToPrint = a turnkey product bundle with all the necessary output functions
  • Makes programming and scripting output functions for InDesign Server a thing of the past = a secure, standard solution rather than a development project
  • Comes with its own graphical UI for setting up output jobs directly on the Adobe InDesign Server = simple, convenient configuration
  • Real server solution that includes options for remote operation within a closed network = output server and client can operate separately
  • Available as multiple instance version = scalable effect through simultaneous execution of multiple MadeToPrint jobs
  • Supports vjoon K4, WoodWing Enterprise , Van Gennep PlanSystem4 = fully-automated, status-based output directly from the data base system
  • Integrable with Enfocus Switch

Key Features

  • Combining multiple output steps and executing them simultaneously:
    create job sets that contain several output steps and combine different types of printout or export to be launched as one output step
  • Target different output channels:
    drive different destination printers in in your network or export to several file formats from a single job set
  • Export to different file formats:
    export InDesign files to PDF, JPEG, EPS, PostScript, INX, SWF, IDML, Flash or InDesign Packages
  • Dynamic definition of file and folder names:
    configure destination file and folder names based on rules and use tokens (variables) to insert information at runtime; conveniently choose from token list to set up your own configuration
  • Flexible handling of files/folders/books:
    process current document, all open documents, all documents in a book or all documents in a folder
  • Preflighting before printing/exporting:
    check document for missing/changed links or missing fonts before output
  • Font loading and image update:
    load required fonts and update modified images before output
  • Processing layers individually or in combinations:
    combine layers flexibly and output them as variants, e.g. for multilingual files or regional versions
  • Multifunctional layer views in InDesign with ’integrated MadeForLayers functionality’:
    group different layers in one design document into logical combinations; create one single layer view for each language or regional version or provide a technical, marketing-oriented and legal view of a design – with a single mouse click
  • Flexible export customization with ’Parameter Overrides’:
    apply various output parameters for different documents “on-the-fly”
  • Extended PDF check with ’PDF Post-Process’:
    run a preflight check during PDF export
  • Single page output:
    print all pages or spreads of an InDesign document individually, or export each as a separate single file
  • Generating an infobar:
    create a slug at the top of a page in printed output and exported EPS or PostScript files
  • Batch processing with script support:
    output all documents in a folder and optionally run individual scripts before or after MadeToPrint processing
  • Packaging feature:
    activate the InDesign packaging function separately or as part of a job set and collect all images, fonts, profiles and settings for an InDesign document into a single folder
  • Imposition option:
    generate fully imposed PDF files; a wide selection of immediately usable imposition templates is included, and custom imposition templates can be added easily
  • Distiller option:
    for better compatibility with legacy workflows, create PDF files by sending PostScript through Adobe Acrobat Distiller
  • Add a frame around each page:
    add a frame to the output to highlight the page border; line type, position, color and opacity for the frame can be configured as needed
  • PostScript expert option:
    when printing to a PostScript printer or exporting EPS or PostScript, PostScript code snippets can be inserted for highly customizable output

Editorial system connection

  • Supports publishing systems: vjoon K4, WoodWing Enterprise, Quark Publishing Platform, Van Gennep PlanSystem4
  • Status-based MadeToPrint job activation
  • Keeps publication components up-to-date
  • Individual layer/layer combination output
  • Status controlled output
  • Links output to condition/status of layouts, articles, images inside the editorial system
  • Checks out layouts unattended
  • Updates contents right before output
  • Checks layout back-up into editorial system database


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