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Efficient layer organization with layer views for Adobe® InDesign® and Illustrator

axaio MadeForLayers is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator that simplifies and streamlines the creation and editing of layer-heavy documents. It saves design time and reduces human errors while working with complex documents.

Different layers can be combined into layer views, showing different language or regional variants of a document with a single click. In packaging environments you can clearly differ between multiple e.g. technical or marketing versions with one hand grab.

As built-in functionality in axaio MadeToPrint, the intelligent output automation solution, different layer views can automatically be printed or exported to PDF, instantly creating output for all different language or regional versions, without any chance of mistakes.

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For multilingual production

Use layer views to organize your multilingual documents. By grouping all layers for a specific language into a layer view, switching between layers literally takes only one click, hugely reducing the chance on error and minimizing confusion while editing. With the output finesse of axaio MadeToPrint you can then easily create either one master PDF file containing all language variants, or one PDF file for each language.

For regional publications

In region-specific publications such as sales brochures, catalogues, etc. parts of the content are typically customized for different regions or target groups. Creating layer views with axaio MadeForLayers allows organizing these different regional editions. This can be done for existing documents or a template can be created to streamline editing of all future production. Again, in combination with axaio MadeToPrint, you can easily save separate files for each regional edition afterwards.

For packaging service providers

In a typical packaging workflow many stakeholders must review, comment and approve different versions of a design. Generating and keeping track of all of these versions can prove to be a logistical nightmare. Organizing the source Illustrator or InDesign document with the proper technical, marketing and legal layer views makes it easy to generate a single PDF file with axaio MadeToPrint and allows everyone to see just the information they need.


  • Supports Adobe InDesign CC 2017 – ID 2021
  • Supports Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 – CC 2019
  • Supports Adobe InDesign Server CC 2017 – ID 2021 as part of MadeToPrint
  • For Windows and Mac


  • Quicker document editing with layer views
    Simply define logical layer views for your document once and then switch between layer views while editing with one mouse-click.
  • Standardized document creation processing
    Save layer views – containing layer names and metadata definitions – and apply them to new or existing documents to standardize how documents are structured and to enable automation in production.
  • Error-free, consistent output
    In combination with axaio MadeToPrint, output all different versions of a publication in one go, with standardized settings and without risk of mixing up or forgetting content in complex documents.
  • Focused working
    Focus on particular parts of your job.
  • Open for everyone
    Even though the single-click layer view switching will not be available on workstations without MadeForLayers, MadeForLayers uses only standard InDesign functionality. Files created or edited with MadeForLayers are perfectly usable on other workstations.

Key Features

  • Group layers into logical layer views to streamline
    • Working with documents containing multiple language versions (localization workflows)
    • Working with documents containing regional variants of ads or editorial content (regional publications)
    • Working with complex packaging documents containing design and technical layers
  • User-friendly and intuitive layer palette for efficient layer handling, with three specialized palette states:
    • Minimal view, to quickly switch between layer views
    • Normal view, to additionally create, edit or delete layers
    • Extended view, to additionally create, edit or delete layer views and add or edit metadata to layers
  • Save layer view combinations to disk and import them into existing documents to quickly apply layer views to similar documents
  • Add metadata to layers to enable workflow automation based on standardized metadata rather than layer names
  • Set a specific layer view as the default document view to determine which layers will be visible initially when the document is opened
  • Create a new layer view from the currently visible layers; add or remove layers from layer views to adjust

In combination with axaio MadeToPrint

  • Export to a single PDF file containing all different layer views and in a format compliant with the latest ISO PDF/X-4 standard
  • Export the default layer view to any of the file formats supported by MadeToPrint (PDF, PostScript, EPS, IDML, image formats…)
  • Export each layer view to a separate output file in any of the file formats supported by MadeToPrint (PDF, PostScript, EPS, IDML, image formats…)


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