AutoOCR OCR Processor


Generates searchable PDF and PDF/A documents. AutoOCR is an OCR processor watching pre-defined folders, converting automatically new added or changed image documents to fulltext searchable PDF or PDF/A documents.

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AutoOCR as Windows Service
During installation it can be selected if the application will run as a service or standard client. Without Userinterface the OCR will run in background.

An unlimited IOCR standard OCR engine is integrated in AutoOCR. This is characterized by a high processing speed, can handle as input image files and PDFs to create searchable PDFs from it.

Output Formats
Standard is to create searchable PDF and PDF/A Dokuments. With ABBYY Engine it is also possible to create further document formats parallel – DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, XLSX, HTM, HTML, XML, PPT.

SOAP Web-Service / REST
Now we do support also the for the future most important interfaces – SOAP and REST. AutoOCR can be connected over HTTP as OCR-Service. A C# WCF – sample application and a PHP REST Library are available for free.

Barcode recognition via Scripting

About the scripting function of AutoOCR it is possible to perform barcode recognition that can be written in the fields of the PDF document information.



Free Windows client to be used for AutoOCR server to the OCR processing from any Windows workstation on the network / internet. DropOCR is installed as a tray icon application and has an expandable “drop zone” as well as a local hot folder. The document is transmitted via web-service to the common AutoOCR server, where it is processed and returned to the client afterwards as PDF(/ A) file.


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