Actino DRM Server


Action DRM ServerSecured document distribution

Whilst PDF is the best way to distribute valuable information and confidential documents, the PDF file is no longer controlled by the publisher after sending or e-mailing it.

Actino DRM Server closes this gap between the publisher and the client user. Used as a plugin or an add-on for web applications,  ECM systems and shop systems, it supplies an additional layer for custom security requirements. The necessary communication with the permission servers database is encrypted, relies on standard technologies and can be analysed all time.

The rights management is always controlled and monitored by the DRM server. This procedure has been expanded to other file formats and platforms so that DRM solutions are also available for FLASH, HTML5 and Office documents.

  • Control of PDF and Office documents
  • Specifying an expiration date
  • Personalization with watermark (Social DRM)
  • Prevention of screenshots
  • Integration in AD and Sharepoint
  • Interface for shop systems
  • SQL database for rights management
  • Logging of all accesses
  • Automated encryption
  • Dispatcher for distribution and storage
  • Viewer for iOS and Android


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